Help Our Cause

Fighting a large company is expensive! We would like to ask you to please  support our struggle out with a financial donation to WCWC. Due to  Roseburg's continued lawsuit against us, we have almost $4000 in WCWC funds  tied up in court fees. We have also had other legal expenses, publicity,  newsletters, this website, bank fees and other costs. In December, 2018 we  had to spend funds to travel to Springfield, Oregon for our action at  Roseburg's headquarters. These expenses have drained our resources and we  are in need of further contributions to continue our struggle in 2019. You  can donate by sending cash, checks or money orders to our treasurer or  online through an existing PayPal account or with a credit  card.            

Checks and money orders can be made out to:

Water for Citizens of  Weed,
California (or just WCWC) and sent to 

WCWC, 872 Stringtown Avenue,  

Weed, CA 96094.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card