Protect the Protest: Demonstration



Weed Water Group headed to Roseburg’s Corporate Headquarters

Stop Roseburg Forest Products’ Water Grab and Support the “Weed 9”!

When: December 18, 2018 11am – 1230pm

Where: Roseburg Forest Products corporate headquarters, Springfield, Oregon

Why: Roseburg Forest Products (RFP) is continuing its unethical attempt to take over the City of Weed’s main source of drinking water--so it can instead be sold to the water bottling industry. RFP’s lawsuit against the City of Weed continues and our community faces mounting legal costs. Despite RFP’s defeat in Superior Court one year ago, when Judge Karen Dixon dismissed nine Weed citizens (the “Weed 9”) and their organization, Water for Citizens of Weed, CA (WCWC), from the lawsuit, RFP--in its continuing attempt to intimidate people from speaking up on this issue--has appealed. The Weed 9 are still being sued just for speaking out on this issue! It is time for us to let Roseburg know that their bullying tactics are not acceptable. RFP’s actions are illegal, unethical and unbecoming of an corporation which wants to portray itself as responsible corporate citizen.

WCWC is calling for a demonstration at Roseburg’s headquarters in Springfield (Eugene area), Oregon. We hope that as many supporters and allies as possible join us as we call on Roseburg to drop its lawsuit and cease its efforts to deprive the people of Weed of the spring water we have depended on for our community’s entire existence. We are partnering with “Protect the Protest” a national coalition of groups organizing against “SLAPP” (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits-which are designed to intimidate people without the resources to defend themselves.

How: We have a bus to bring our members and supporters from our area up to Eugene for the action. We will leave around noon on Monday, December 17th, stay overnight, participate in the action on Tuesday at 11am and then return home that same afternoon. All supporters are welcome to ride with us for free. We can also help supporters figure out places to stay in the Eugene/Springfield area on the night of December 17th. For transport and lodging please RSVP (via phone or email) to WCWC president Jim Taylor at (530) 938-2080 or via email

WCWC and our partner in Eugene, Civil Liberties Defense Center, have a Facebook event “Protect the Protest: Demonstration At Roseburg Forest Products”. Join the event for updates on the plans for the demonstration.  We would like to get as many of our supporters in Siskiyou County and elsewhere to join us!  Please join us!