About Us

 Water for Citizens of Weed, CA. (WCWC) is a grassroots group of concerned citizens organized  to fight the takeover of 2.0 cfs of water from Beaughan Springs that the city of Weed has had for over 100 years. Also to prevent the privatization of the natural resource of water.  

Who are we?

Jim Gubetta


 A  lifetime resident of Weed, past Mayor and City Councilman, homeowner,  community historian, and former timber industry supervisor and 22 years  as a member of the Air Pollution Control District Board.

Bob Hall


 49  year Weed resident, homeowner, past Mayor, 2 past terms as past City  Councilman and current City Councilman and 2014 Citizen of the Year. 

Mary Jackson


 Born  and raised in Weed, homeowner, employed by Butteville Elementary School  District and member of Cancer Society Relay for Life

Dave Pearce


A 61 year resident and homeowner in Weed, former Mayor and City Councilman, water rights researcher for WCWC and City of Weed.

Vicki Gold


 Vicki Gold has resided in Mount Shasta since 1995. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. She was a long time  Board Member of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center.  

She is a member of Water for Citizens of Weed CA and also Weed Area Water Alliance (WAWA).  

Angelina Cook


 Angelina Cook has been living and working as a  watershed advocate in the Mount Shasta area since 2005. Committed to  collaboration, she works with the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center and the  Upper Sacramento Regional Water Action Group.  . Angelina has a Masters Degree in International  Environmental Policy, specializing in climate change. 

Geneva Omann


  Geneva   Omann is a 15 year resident of the greater Weed area and is a member  of the  board of directors that oversees the Family and Community  Resource Center of  Weed. She is retired from the  faculty of the  University of Michigan Medical School and has a doctorate degree  in  biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. 

Bruce Shoemaker


Bruce Shoemaker is a researcher on natural resource conflict issues with a focus on Southeast Asia and hydropower. He is also a landowner in Weed and a  co-founder of the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture.

Raymond Strack


 5 year resident homeowner, self employed, entrepreneur and consultant  

Michael Yates


 WCWC treasure, 70 year resident homeowner, Beaughan Springs domestic water user for 60 years, former volunteer at the Weed Chamber of Commerce and Weed Museum. 

Monica Zinda


10 year homeowner, local artist, tile and mosaic contractor and a Weed Planning Commissioner. 

Jim Taylor


 53 year resident of Weed, 47 year homeowner, retired businessman, 21 year as a board member of the Weed Elementary School retired, 2 time citizen of the year, STEP board member, Manager of Weed Museum and President of WCWC. 

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